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Solution Focused Rob August 5, 2021
For BIGinRETAIL to create meaningful opportunities, successfully assist and service Retailers and measure its success there are several specific parties involved.
Who's doing what?
Project Design

Analytics Service Provider
After careful consultation with the retailer regarding the business goals and strategy on how to obtain better insights in the business, a hardware layout plan for camera sensors is proposed for deployment at several key locations for a pilot.

Field Engineering

Systems Engineering
A qualified systems engineering team configures the on-site network and deploys the camera sensors at the predefined places. Sensors are then onboarded into the reporting cloud, calibrated and certified for accuracy over a five day period.

Analytics and Insights

Analytics Service Provider
Through in-depth conversations with the retailer, analytics and visual insights are defined for proper visualization via dashboards or API output. Correct naming convention and data labels are critical to ensure understandable analytical reports.

Stakeholder Evaluation

Analytics Service Provider
With analytics defined, periodic automated distribution of the analytics between the various stakeholders is critical. Such visual reports contain actionable data to optimize performance in the areas of Marketing, Merchandising and Operations.

Review and Optimize

Field Analytics/Marketing Consultant
BIGinRETAIL will help drive further optimization and execution based on analytics and visual insights. API connectivity enhances the consultation by combing relevant contextual information such as sales and staffing data from the retailer.

Deploy at scale

Systems Engineering
Once the service has been fully evaluated and optimized for the retailer, the camera sensor technology is deployed at scale, uniquely optimized to provide the insights and reports that are most relevant for the whole retail organization.

Customers counted and rising.

To stay ahead of the competition in this dynamic industry, insights are necessary.