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Academy Rob October 21, 2021
From insights to foresight
Guessing and estimating are replaced by data-driven analysis and measurable outcomes.

We all know that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it and now we have the opportunity to make our process a tool allowing us to influence results due to empiric
data and scientific analysis.

from POC to MPV

Through offering a broad range of education and training programs, the BIGinRETAIL Academy helps teams and organizations to build instore data science capability at each stage of the (instore) data driven transformation.

The BIGinRETAIL Academy is a cooperation between all of the partners part of the BIGinRETAIL network. The cooperation offers organizations the best of both theory and practice, based on academic rigor and years long experience.

Our philosophy

Different organizations have different training needs. That’s why we believe in a tailor made approach. We believe in learning by doing. Seeing is believing but applying is mastering. That’s why we offer participants the opportunity to bring in their own projects and bring them from POC to MVP or even production stage under the guidance of our coaches. 

Who is it for?

Data driven retailers rely on much more than ‘hard core data scientists’. It’s not just those who do the math and make the models that drive innovation; the true value is only unlocked if the operational part of the company is able to use these new tools and techniques.

With that in mind, the BIGinRETAIL Academy provides appropriate courses for all layers and expertise in the company, from C-Level managers and marketing managers to store managers. 

By embracing analytics and data science throughout the company, it will become part of the culture. 

The team is active in over 80 countries.
at work - photo credit: Mikael Blomkvist
at work - photo credit: Fauxels
designing our next workshop
We are currently working on creating our next workshop.

This workshop is focused around workspace optimization and is leveraging the use of AB testing.

What people say
I did not realize that we were leaving so much knowledge on the table.

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