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B I G Business Intelligence Group
BIGinRETAIL connects people, services and solutions.

BIGinRETAIL teams up with the most fitting local solutions providers to ensure relevant and culturally appropriate advice.

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BIGinRETAIL replaces guessing and estimating by data-driven analysis and measurable outcomes

Business Intelligence Consulting Loops

Adapting a double loop evaluation, as shown below, helps with the generation, development and implementation of new floor layouts, product placements, and processes that rely on long term opportunities for increased profitability or efficiency.

Gathering Intel
Filter Context
Building Hypothesis
Planning Interventions
If you can't measure it, you can't improve it
BIGinRETAIL utilizes the following key points
Deliver faster. Fast is always better than slow.

Break large, long-term deliverables into small tasks; deliver small pieces every few weeks and iterate toward an optimal solution. When you limit your work in progress, you can start and finish smaller batches. This approach will enable you to test and launch retail marketing campaigns faster.

One of the core BIGinRETAIL concepts is the Build - Measure - Learn cycle. Continued iterations will dramatically improve every cycle compared to the previous one.

Turn your team into a lean retail machine.

Discuss what’s working, what’s done, and what’s keeping your team from doing more. We help your teams always to be in sync, we also help them to find and resolve members’ challenges before they turn into problems.

One of the most valuable sides of working with us is that we help you enable the culture of peer-to-peer learning, so crucial for every organization to success.

Stay focused.

The lean retail marketing strategy encourages people to be focused and work on single tasks.

Multitasking is replaced by tackling tasks one-by-one, resulting in faster progress.

Don’t absolutize your plan.

Eisenhower said that "Plans are nothing; planning is everything“ which is absolutely the same case here. Plans are useful because they show direction for the team but being lean is about being flexible, so you have to find the right balance between following a given plan blindly and discarding it completely.

In the context of our methodology, this is called “pivoting.“

Step by Step Strategy

BIGinRETAIL can completely change the way your team works by starting with what you do now, get to know and work with what you have and gradually build upon it.

  • Identify who you are trying to engage with.
  • A marketing process that build on analytics and iteration.
  • Use analytics that can measure behaviors and interactions.
  • Rely on marketing process automation, A/B testing, and lifecycle tracking to test and validate.
  • Utilize a measurable refined iterative approval process.

and never stopping

Retail marketing is transforming. It’s becoming more and more important, more tech-oriented, unfolds in more and more fields and it is more integrated than ever with other departments.



team work

Daily work in marketing is very diverse and dynamic. Therefore we collaborate with agencies, partners, consultants to organize activities and campaigns within reasonable and predictable time frames.



for cold starts

To stay ahead, retail marketing needs a reliable and proven framework to increase efficiencies and turn large projects into easy to monitor tasks.  


The team

Jemmy Watson
Systems Integrator
Bryan Jonhson
Operations Officer
Jeremy Dupont
Field marketing consultant
Seasoned professionals please do not hesitate to reach out if you consider joining the team.